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Our exploration into the diverse and fascinating hobbies of The MGroup team continues. In this second part, we introduce you to more team members and their captivating interests.

Geoff Farmer – Mastering Home Automation

Geoff Farmer has a unique passion for home automation, turning his living space into a haven of technological convenience. His home boasts an array of automated features, from lighting systems that respond to occupancy to window blinds that gracefully open and close with the sun. Geoff’s bathroom even hosts an extractor fan that activates when humidity levels rise, triggered by a steamy shower. His house is brimming with ingenious tech solutions, all coordinated by a home automation system called Home Assistant and orchestrated by Amazon Alexa. While the practical benefits of his setup are undeniable, Geoff’s true motivation is his genuine love for technology, although he modestly attributes it to saving time and effort.

Heather Faulds – Capturing Moments Through Photography

Heather Faulds’ journey into photography traces back to her childhood when her father indulged in home movies. Gifted with a camera at the tender age of 10, Heather embarked on her photographic odyssey. Over the years, she’s perfected her skills, joining photography clubs in Witney and Shipton under Wychwood to delve deeper into the art’s technical aspects. Heather relishes the artistic side of photography, offering a refreshing escape from her professional life. Her photographic interests encompass a wide spectrum, as she seeks out the unique and unusual in every shot. Heather also aims to explore the world of phone photography, recognising the vast potential of modern smartphone cameras.

Heather Faulds Photography 4

Heather Faulds Photography 3

Emily Robinson – A Black Belt in Martial Arts

Emily Robinson, a valued member of our team, holds the esteemed title of a 1st-degree black belt in martial arts. Her journey began when she agreed to attend a women-only martial arts class with her cousin, driven by her love for martial arts in films. Emily finds immense satisfaction in mastering kicks, learning self-defence techniques, and showcasing flowing sequences of moves known as forms. Since starting her martial arts journey in October 2018, she has progressed through 11 grading exams, each more challenging than the last. Emily’s dedication shines through as she sets her sights on achieving a 2nd-degree black belt in the coming year.

Ollie Butt, Jordan Lyne, and Oliver Squire – Golf Enthusiasts

The summer season at The MGroup sees a spirited competition among our team members who are avid golfers. Engaging in ‘The MGroup Summer League Competition’ at Studley Wood Golf Club, they vie for the prestigious title of ‘Summer League Champion.’ The competition culminated with Ollie Butt emerging as the 2023 champion, closely followed by Jordan Lyne and Oliver Squire. Beyond the competition, The MGroup enjoys a close relationship with Studley Wood Golf Club, hosting monthly golf networking events. This idyllic golf course offers a challenging experience set amidst the tranquil Oxfordshire countryside, uniting our team in friendly rivalry and camaraderie.

Studley Wood Golf Club Summer League 2

Ian Walker – Refereeing the Game of Rugby

Ian Walker, a member of The MGroup team, doubles as an Oxfordshire Society Referee. For the past few years, he has officiated rugby games across the county. Ian’s commitment extends beyond refereeing; he has also ventured into coaching. The Oxfordshire Society of Rugby Football Referees, a small and friendly society, benefits from his dedication to providing capable match officials at all levels of the game. Ian’s passion for rugby keeps him in shape, and he recently embarked on a new season, starting with a game between Grove 2nd RFC and Faringdon.

The MGroup team members bring their unique interests and talents to our conservative world of personal and business accounting. These diverse hobbies showcase their well-rounded personalities and the depth of their passions. We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know our team a little better through their fascinating pursuits. Stay tuned for more updates from The MGroup!

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