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Turtles Tour Le Touquet  – for TwinTown2016! “This year, we were keen to take part in the TwinTown2016 event which raises funds for the highly deserving SpecialEffect charity (www.specialeffect.org.uk). Some bright spark came up with the name ‘Car-abunga Turtle Tax’ which meant that we had to buy a bright green car and dress up as turtles! We set off, not without some misgivings as to whether we would make it to Blenheim, let alone Le Touquet. However, powered by pizzas and with only one penalty…we made it! We were mightily impressed with the performance of the ‘Turtle Wagon’ as it showed it’s race pedigree around the Abbeville circuit.  The same cannot unfortunately be said for the time it took for the team to change the wheel in a subsequent challenge but this was nothing to do with the car!  This was not to be our challenge it would seem. However, we redeemed ourselves with one of the best times in the ‘Box’ challenge although some would say that this may have something to do with the rain starting to fall shortly after we had completed our lap but we did not let that take the shine off our moment of glory! I think it is fair to say that the weekend was a huge success and I know that the £250,000 sponsorship target has already been exceeded.  This is wonderful news and huge credit must go to all involved, particularly Brendan Cross of STL Communications and his team of volunteers.  The organisation was absolutely first class, even if the majority of the £500 cars were anything but!” Representing The MGroup were Darren Green, Peter Smith, Mark Crossfield and Steve Basham. Written by the turtle on the right!

Lurking around Le Touquet

Lurking around Le Touquet

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